Luxurious Maui, Hawaii Extended Stay Accommodations

By Stephen Daniels

While hotels abound on the popular island of Maui, Hawaii, not everyone who visits there is on vacation. Those who are staying on the island for more than just a couple of weeks - whether for work, school, family or for other reasons - may benefit from taking advantage of the many luxurious extended stay rental lodgings available.

Often with more amenities than most apartments, these lodgings may offer shorter lease terms to accommodate stays of several weeks to several months. Most are nicely furnished with full kitchens stocked with pots, pans and dishes. Many are spacious and feature separate, fully appointed bedrooms as well as baths. These features make extended stay lodgings a better choice than either an unfurnished apartment or a hotel room. In addition, they are typically less expensive than per-night hotel rates and can be rented by the week or the month.

Many extended stay rental condos or villas are not far from the beach. Some even have tropical gardens and beautiful furniture. No matter where you stay, it doesn't get better than Maui's climate! Often costing not much more per month than you would pay in rent for your permanent home, these lodgings can offer lush, verdant palm trees, the calm lapping of the waves on the beach, and lovely sunsets or sunrises over the ocean.

Typically, rates for such lodgings are about $2000-4000 per month (utilities often included). With a several month lease, however, some luxurious rental units may be procured less expensively.

Exclusive resort-style properties also may offer extended stay lodging options, although these may be pricier. These usually have all the features of a nice hotel -- swimming pools, hot tubs, and other shared indoor and outdoor spaces.

Those who desire more economy may opt for one of the many private villas in the country, by the sea, or in tropical jungles around the island. The majority of these are fully furnished with homelike comfort. You could pay as little as $1300 a month, depending on the amenities and the location you desire,

Regardless of your reason for a longer sojourn on the beautiful island of Maui, there are excellent extended stay accommodations to meet a wide range of needs and budgets. These rentals can give you all the comforts of home - and then some! - 32501

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Rentals On The Shores of Magical Maui

By Stephen Daniels

Beautiful, mystical Maui. So named for the Hawaiian deity who lassoed the sun and slowing its path across the sky, this island paradise is the perfect blend of civilization and Mother Nature's beauty. Warm ocean waters playfully lure snorkelers, promising colorful reef fish. Humpback whales, yearly visitors from November to April, can be seen from the shoreline as they glide through the waves. Stretches of white sand beckon you for a midnight stroll.

Consider taking that midnight stroll back to an exquisitely decorated oceanfront condo. Condo rentals offer more personal space and privacy than your basic hotel stay. Units come in a wide range of sizes, from compact studios ideal for singles and couples to rentals with one, two, three or more bedrooms suited for families or friends traveling together. Some condos offer two or more bathrooms. Private balconies or patios are the norm. Kick off your slippers, mix a blender full of mai tai's and stretch out on lounge chairs under a night sky brilliant with stars.

Fully equipped kitchens give you the option of checking out the local grocery stores for a quiet meal in. The youngsters are always hungry, so having a refrigerator stocked with drinks and treats is big plus for families. There is also the luxury of being able to pad into the kitchen in late at night for a midnight snack, still in your pajamas.

Condo rental properties have a variety of amenities. Most offer a swimming pool and deck area, usually with a hot tub. Some offer rentals for beach gear, a concierge desk for arranging tours and car rentals, on-site bars and/or restaurants. Luxury condos not only offer top of the line furnishings but can offer hotel-like front desk and business services.

Condo rentals on your Maui vacation also offer a selection of locations. Properties in Ka'anapali Beach, on the southwestern end of the island offer easy access to the beach, golfing at the Ka'anapali golf courses, excellent restaurants, hot nightclubs and great shopping. Kids love the Sugar Cane Train, which runs between Ka'anapali and the old whaling town of Lahaina for even more shopping, dining and sightseeing. Lahaina is also the departure point for many whale watching and snorkeling tours as well as the ferry to the island of Lanai.

Wailea and Makena, still on the south part of the island but further east were established after Ka'anapali. This area is famous for lots of sun, beautiful beaches and of course, golf. Wailea Golf Club itself has three courses. Choose from a condo near the water or one overlooking palm lined fairways. Honeymooners and couples on an anniversary trip gravitate towards this area because it is just as quaint as Ka'anapali, but with a slower pace and more privacy.

In between these two resort spots is Kihei, a relaxed family-friendly residential area that offers a large number of condos, many are medium-priced. It is well-known for its beaches and for having more sunny days than either Ka'anapali or Wailea. Recent development has added new malls and restaurants. Oceanfront Kamala Beach Park offers a place for kids to play baseball, basketball, in line hockey and to skateboard.

Regardless of which part of Maui you choose for your home away from home, for any type of extended stay, condos offer the best of the island and allow you to relax as you should on your dream vacation. - 32501

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Make Your Wedding Perfect Using A Maui Wedding Planner

By Teresa Webster

When planning a Hawaiian wedding, be sure that you consult with a Maui wedding planner. This will help to take much of the stress out of a day that should be one of celebration. If you are living on the mainland and planning an Hawaiian wedding, you will find that the wedding planner is a necessity.

When planning a wedding there is enough other stressors that can cause problems without planning all the fine details. Leave all those little details such as the minister, bartender and caterer to the wedding planner. The Maui wedding planner knows how to get everything you want at your wedding.

While there are numerous places that are perfect for a wedding on Maui, reserving these places can sometimes be difficult. The wedding planner can often pull strings to get your wedding at the time and place of your choice. This will also take some of the stress out of planning a Hawaiian wedding while you are far away on the mainland.

Wedding planners know the right people to make your wedding perfect for your. They can contact the best florets, bakers and caterers to make sure that you have the best flowers and food that the islands have to offer. They are able to plan a small intimate reception or a great luau that will allow you to celebrate in the way that you want to celebrate.

You still get to make the choices that make the wedding uniquely yours, but you have your own Maui wedding planner to ensure that everything is just like you want it to be.

If your first day on the island is the day of your rehearsal, you can still relax and know the everything is going to go just great. Your only part is to have fun and enjoy your very special day. The Maui wedding planner has taken care of all the details. - 32501

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